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Full Version: General Questions and Answers for Guests
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If you have any questions or feedback for the kinship, feel free to post a reply to this thread.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How active is Nostalgia?

    Our activity can vary quite a bit depending upon the date and time of day. As of early January, 2019, we've had as many as 8 members in-game at the same time, and 4 members in Discord at the same time. But since we are rather new kinship as of this post, we are still growing. I recruit in-game and on the forums almost every day. It's not unusual to have growth spurts at times.

  2. I don't see many members on the forums. How many members do you have in the kinship?

    Because we are still growing and an open door kinship with no application and the freedom to come and go as you please, we can't put a static number on our membership. As of early January, 2019, we have roughly two pages of characters in the kinship roster. It is difficult to determine how many unique players we have versus alts, but it is safe to say that we have several dozen members. I've stop counting after two dozen. We've had members who removed their one character from the kinship only to ask for an invite for another character. And we've most likely a member or two who decided Nostalgia wasn't the best fit for them and left. Therefore the only safe answer is that we "have enough members to feel like a home" but not enough members for people to feel lost and out of touch.

  3. When are most of your members online?

    I recruit mostly on evenings and weekends for Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5). So anyone online during that time who wishes to join would get an invite. However, we have noticed that we have a mix of members from all over the US. We also have at least one Australian.

  4. What should I expect as a member of Nostalgia?

    A no-hassle, no-drama place to call home. You're welcome to be as social as you like. We have no meetings and no activity requirements, so expect to see quite a colorful mix of members. We have very social, always-in-Discord members, as well as near hermit-like members who never talk.

    The more active and more social among us are always happy to help and chit-chat. So feel free to be as social as you like.

  5. Why do I see a "Not secure" or "Connection is not Secure" warning about

    The site is currently only available in the old HTTP, non-encrypted format or transmitting data to and from the server. Sites that can be visited with HTTPS in their URL offer encryption (SSL) when transmitting data to and from the server. Encryption prevents others from listening in on the traffic, and is very useful for sites that deal with sensitive information. Unfortunately that costs money. In order to use SSL without self-signing (which would give you other warnings), you would need to pay for a public certificate from a certificate agency. And you'd need a dedicated IP, which on shared hosting isn't provided, so that requires upgrading my hosting plan. I could add SSL to my hosting plan, but that would almost double the cost of my plan every year. Since I'm already paying over $30 a year for hosting and a domain name ($22 for first year), I'm not looking forward to paying more just to get rid of your browser's notice in the address bar about our site not being secure.

    And I didn't even mention browsing the site from a mobile device. SSLs compatible with mobile devices would cost us FIVE times as much. The average person out there doesn't realize how much a simple feature like this costs, so that's why I'm going into as much detail as possible here.

    It's highly improbable that any hackers would bother trying to capture data from our kinship site, and they'd have to have a foothold into my hosting provider to even try. The other risk is if you have malware on your system and it listens to all of your web traffic. Aside from those concerns, you shouldn't worry too much about it. I'd advise all members to use a password that's unique to your account on this site and everything will be fine.

    With that said, if any members are willing to donate to enable HTTPS for at least a couple years, I'd be happy to enable it with our hosting provider. Smile