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Full Version: Were you Banned? (Identified as Spam)
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I currently enabled StopForumSpam cloud-checking services to prevent bots from registering. I also changed the anti-spam question to something that a bot simply cannot answer.

On that note, guest views of the forum are not filtered, where as posting replies and new threads in this Public section are filtered. So if you've been blocked by, then please send me a message in-game and I'll get your whitelisted.



Is your kin active on Anor?
Quote:Is your kin active on Anor?

Nostalgia is still here despite Anor's dropping population. But we are also affected by this as well. A couple days ago we had a peak of 5 characters logged in, but typically we have only 1 to 3 characters logged in at any one time. It's a huge difference since our SoA and Moria days on Anor with often a whole page of logged in characters. Unfortunately, we're not the only kinship suffering a lot of inactive players in our ranks.

If you want the most active kinship right now, we're not it. There are two or three big name kinships that probably have up to a dozen characters logged in at peak times, and you can see their names around Middle Earth. But if you want a kinship without drama and that won't boot you for inactivity, we're it.

My characters and the characters of Alie, one of our officers, are the most active if you'd like an invite. I'm often online during the evenings or nights each day.